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Scotiabank Platform Program
Partner, Junior Design Office

Trained as a product designer, Andreas can now be found working and researching in service design and user experience based on growing interest and experience in user-centred design research. Andreas’ interests lie in emerging roles for design, the design process in new contexts, and how design can be utilized for the greater good, both socially and ecologically.   Andreas co-founded an interdisciplinary class, platFORM (, with undergraduate design and business students to collaboratively develop products and expose students to the idea of the ‘designer as entrepreneur’ and the relevant business skills.  Andreas wrote his masters thesis, ‘Citizen centred services’, looking at how local governments can utilize user-centered design to help innovate and improve the services they provide to the public.

Greysky Thinking is the collaborative studio of Vancouver-based designers Andreas Eiken and Maia Rowan. The studio takes on projects that exist in the realm of design and sustainability. Our mission is to work on ethical and innovative design projects in the community. Our focus is on product design, service design, and systems thinking. Eiken and Rowan are working on Junior Design Office, a platform that brings design students together with local organizations working towards social and environmental sustainability.

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