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Research Assistant, Design for Startups

Michael Lee is the Creative Director and Founder of M_Lee Creative Studio. He has a background in Chemical-Physics and Forensic Science from Simon Fraser University and also has a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Throughout his career, Michael is recognized as a multidisciplinary designer. He believes that being a creative individual should not be about limiting oneself to one discipline or medium, instead, it should be about exploring other possibilities, and learning and challenging oneself continuously.

Michael specializes in creative problem solving and human-centred designs. He has created health care improvements for Providence Health Care, co-hosted human-centred design workshops for the Health Design Lab at Emily Carr University, built brands and websites for local businesses and have worked with major brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepper Lunch. Michael is also passionate about startups and has acted as the design consultant for local startup tech companies Orello and H+ Technology.

Michael’s vision for M_Lee Creative Studio is for it to become a comprehensive creative solution for all businesses and professions; and that it would be a place where the logicals and the creatives meet.

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