People / Dr. Samir Bhowmik – Graduate Alumni

Samir Bhowmik graduated with a Doctor of Arts (2016) from Aalto University in Finland, and had Dr. Garnet Hertz as Opponent.

Bhowmik is an artist, architect and researcher. He is currently engaged in artistic works in Helsinki and Berlin along with post-doctoral research at the Institute for Musicology and Media Studies, Humboldt University-Berlin. His research is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation since 2017. Bhowmik has a Doctor of Arts degree (2016) from the Media Lab of the Aalto University. A Finnish Citizen, he was born in India, lived and worked in Washington DC and New York after receiving my Master of Architecture at the University of Maryland in 2003. His artistic practice is focused on the past and the future materialities of media, digital memory and media infrastructure. His work is concerned with how these materialities affect and shape material resources and environmental responsibility. He is interested in disruptive strategies, media archaeology and participative projects related to energy, natural resources and cultural heritage. Since 2015, Bhowmik’s research in Aalto University’s Media Lab was funded by the Kone Foundation of Finland. He has also taught Digital Strategies for museums and media for Master of Arts students and have mentored and provided guidance for master’s theses. Bhowmik has published in international journals regarding media and museums and delivered talks and presentations in international forums and museum conferences. As a continuing member of Pixelache, an experimental arts organization based in Helsinki, Bhowmik engages with colleagues in experiments with the community, emerging media and the environment.

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