August 13, 2019

Local for Local Workshops at Prince George

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Researcher John Bondoc will be hosting a series of workshops focused on wooden consumer products at Two Rivers Gallery within the framework of Local for Local Footwear Project.

STEAM Workshop:
Create your own nametag!
On Tuesday, September 17th

The goal of the workshop is to expose young makers to the idea of using a computer as a creative tool and being able to output designs from the computer to a real-world product, in this case, a nametag via CNC.

Using the Adobe Illustrator software, participants will examine how a product is created, learn to make changes to their designs, learn how to create tool paths. By the end of the workshops, participants will output their designs using a desktop CNC.

The workshop will equip participants with Adobe Illustrator tool skills (scale, fonts, move, file export, create new file), basics of X Y Z coordinates and CNC set up.

MAKERLAB Programming:
Introduction to Desktop CNC for home-based
small businesses
Wednesday, September 19th

Learn how to create small consumer products using a simple desktop CNC. This workshop is for people who feel comfortable using a computer and have limited or no CNC experience.

In a seminar preceding the workshop, John Bondoc will talk about the Local for Local research project and its practical applications- creating wooden consumer products to support a small, home-based business.

Participants will learn to make carved signs, a growler or bottle holder, roughed-out wooden cutlery and will be exposed to 3D carving, part-flipping, jig design for veneer bending.

For more information and to register, please contact Two Rivers Gallery.

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