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Faculty Lead, Mobil Art School: EQ App

Julia Conejero is a Faculty Lead with Emily Carr’s Living Labs. In this role, she directs the design team on how to approach the interaction challenges faced throughout the development cycle and enables the team to fully discover and explore the benefits of gamifying collaborative art through a mobile experience.

Outside of Emily Carr, Julia is also a Project Coordinator with Finger Food Advanced Technology Group where she ensures smooth execution and delivery of products across many platforms to provide innovative, industry-first solutions for global companies. Finger Food creates a myriad of services and experiences ranging from Augmented and Virtual Reality to wearable technologies, blockchain, games, and robotics to name a few.

Julia has been in the tech field for at least 5 years and prior to her current work, gained vast knowledge and experience by working for companies such as Electronic Arts and Microsoft. Through a career of developing for emerging technologies, she quickly gained awareness for opportunities to create and challenge appropriate human-centered design for emerging tech. Her current challenge is to create intuitive and accessible design in the Mixed Reality Space.

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