Projects / Take the Easy Way | 2018

Take the Easy Way by Instant Coffee

Take the Easy Way is a poetic public expression of slowness, gathering and taking a path of least resistance. What does it mean to dance in public space? And why are we drawn to love ballads as songs to dance to?

Instant Coffee is a service oriented collective of artists, curator and designers based in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto and Seoul, South Korea. Its frequent practice is to build architectural installations, which become venues for a series of organized events from formal lectures and screenings to informal gatherings and workshops. Together we have developed a practice that culminates in bringing together numbers of different areas of pursuits, be it designing wallpapers, organizing large-scale cultural events to temporary installations and permanently commissioned public works.


Ten Different Things  engages ten critically-engaged artists to investigate the role of culture as a critical ingredient in the construct and vitality of the contemporary city. What propositions, provocations, concepts or visions do artists have for creating a public sphere that promotes cultural life? How can we create structures, processes or dynamics to produce new ways of living, working, interacting, or occupying the city? Where are the intersections in public life where artists can produce alternate outcomes?

Ten Different Things is a collaboration between CityStudio Vancouver and Living Labs at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, curated by Kate Armstrong and supported by the City of Vancouver Public Art Program. Janet Moore and Duane Elverum are co-founders of CityStudio Vancouver.



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