Projects / The Sculpture Game | 2018

The Sculpture Game by Colleen Brown

A series of participatory workshops led by Colleen Brown that reconceptualize the city and city-making processes as dynamic and collaborative sculpture.

The Lot Merger

Colleen Brown is an artist living in Vancouver who works primarily in sculpture. She completed her BFA at Emily Carr Institute and received my MFA from Bard College in 2011. She was the Programme Coordinator at Artspeak for five years and is occasionally  a sessional faculty member at Emily Carr University. She received a Portfolio Prize in 2016. Her work has been exhibited in British Columbia, New York, Holland, Washington and Quebec.


Ten Different Things  engages ten critically-engaged artists to investigate the role of culture as a critical ingredient in the construct and vitality of the contemporary city. What propositions, provocations, concepts or visions do artists have for creating a public sphere that promotes cultural life? How can we create structures, processes or dynamics to produce new ways of living, working, interacting, or occupying the city? Where are the intersections in public life where artists can produce alternate outcomes?

Ten Different Things is a collaboration between CityStudio Vancouver and Living Labs at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, curated by Kate Armstrong and supported by the City of Vancouver Public Art Program. Janet Moore and Duane Elverum are co-founders of CityStudio Vancouver.


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