Selected Projects / Vancouver Coastal Health: Hand Hygiene Refresh

The Health Design Lab is collaborating with Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) to develop a new communication strategy to promote hand hygiene in their facilities. This collaboration is focusing on the development of new communication materials for public entrances and care areas to encourage hand hygiene compliance amongst patients, visitors and staff. This project seeks to support the long-term provincial goal for hand hygiene compliance of 100% in all care settings for all health authority employees, physicians, contractors, students and volunteers (Ministry of Health Policy, Hand Hygiene, 2012).

During the fall semester, the project was embedded within a 3rd year communication design course. Students began the project by conducting their own human-centred design research and in-hospital observations at VCH to identify barriers and enablers for hand hygiene compliance among patients, visitors and staff. A large co-creation workshop was held with VCH staff and volunteers in order to foster an understanding of participants’ perspectives, needs and desires for future experiences.

The Spring semester involves the development of print ­ready files by Health Design Lab Research Assistants for implementation by VCH. A variety of communication materials with a consistent visual theme will be created. While it is not possible to predict specific outcomes at this stage, it would be expected that outcomes might include elevator wraps, wall graphics, posters, brochures or other communication materials, which can be used throughout the hospital.

Read about the first phase of this collaboration here.

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