November 18, 2013

Interaction Design for Aboriginal Communities: Partnership with UBC and CIHR

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The Health Design Lab is pleased to announce that Jonathan Aitken (HDL Director),  Dr. Darren Warburton (UBC),  and Dr. Shannon Bredin (UBC) were recently awarded the CIHR grant “Addressing the Burden of Diabetes in Aboriginal Peoples Through Culturally Appropriate Interaction Design”. For this project The Health Design Lab will be assisting UBC’s School of Kinesiology with the design of a tablet/smartphone application for prescriptive exercises towards the prevention of diabetes in Aboriginal peoples. Through the use of participatory design research methodologies to ensure a good understanding of the cultural context, a design solution will be proposed that has a stronger expectation of exercise compliance than would be possible than with a more generic off-the-shelf design. This will also be a collaboration between the Health Design Lab and Emily Carr’s Aboriginal Program, led by Brenda Crabtree. Research Assistants for the project will be Gina Hetland and Stacey Hagel.

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