Selected Projects / Careteam: User Experience Research for Patient Care

Health technology company, MyBestHelper, developed a platform called Careteam to coordinate patient care at home. It enables healthcare providers, family members, and patients to access their self-directed health plan from a single web/mobile device location. This lets users view updated information regarding their health plan and message other Careteam members, who have been pre-approved as contacts, in particular roles.

The Health Design Lab (HDL) collaborated with MyBestHelper, through an NSERC–Engage grant, to improve the user experience of the platform, utilizing a human-centered design approach. Our focus was to understand the user experience of individuals who are care providers for the elderly parents with Dementia. Using human-centered design methodologies, the team focused on understanding the motivations, desires, and challenges of family members taking care of their elderly parent(s) with Dementia.

The HDL team’s research resulted in a set of interview questions and cultural probe activities as final deliverables for Careteam to validate assumptions using the cultural probe activities as primary research.

Project Lead: Haig Armen, Caylee Raber

Design + Research Assistants: Sandra Han, Kanak Jaitli, Amy Zhu

Project Coordinator: Nadia Beyzaei, Health Design Lab Coordinator

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