Selected Projects / Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School: Co-designing with Students & Staff (2019/20)

Since 2010, Emily Carr University has partnered with Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School (KGMS), an alternative elementary school in North Vancouver. Emily Carr’s second-year Industrial Design (INDD) students work with a KGMS class to co-create tools for learning and play that supports the students self-regulation while also fosters their creativity and self-esteem.

Beyond the INDD class, the partnership has led to collaborations with the Health Design Lab, with research assistants working on designing a space for self-regulation to address the varied needs of students in 2016/17.

This year, the HDL team is working collaboratively with  KGMS, to create opportunities for students to try to write and speak Squamish words in day to day school interactions. Our initial explorations included alphabet stamps that playfully allowed the students to stamp and learn new Squamish words each week. These stamps were coupled with a chatterbox installation that uttered the word in Squamish. Our first set of words were Nuuw (hello) and Ts’es (Nine). To make  the learning more fun and engaging, we also explored the possibility of developing a character that would act as a guide and friend to the children in the process. Our current endeavor is to delve into the effectiveness of word learning coupled with artifact making. We are in the process of making a Squamish book for animals that will integrate the chatterbox and animals made with simple, everyday materials. The book also serves as a step by step instruction for teachers to carry out this activity.

Project Leads: Zach Camozzi, Andrew Siu

Design + Research Assistants: Nikoo Farvardin, Alija Sule

Project Coordinator: Nadia Beyzaei

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