Selected Projects / Mindful Garden: Digital Therapeutic Device for Delirium and Dementia

MindfulGarden is a digital therapeutic platform that utilizes interactive therapeutic technologies, in the form of patients-activated visual stimuli, designed to reduce anxiety and aggression in seniors with delirium and/or dementia. By introducing this therapeutic platform upon admittance, it enables treatment to begin sooner, thereby shortening the length of stay, and significantly reducing the cost of care, while improving health outcomes.

The HDL collaborated with the MindfulGarden team, to optimize the user experience of their platform for both caregivers and patients.  Using human-centered design methodologies, the HDL team designed user interface assets for the control panel of the MindfulGarden system, as the main project deliverable. The HDL team researched, prototyped, tested and revised the user interface design of the control panel throughout the whole project timeline.

In addition, the HDL team generated design considerations and insights surrounding the device’s hardware, interactive video content and precedent research.

Moving forward, the MindfulGarden team is continuing their clinical trial and preparing for their initial market launch in hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Project Lead: Chris Hethrington, Caylee Raber

Design + Research Assistants: Ateret Buchman, Michelle Yao

Project Coordinator: Nadia Beyzaei

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