Selected Projects / Perspectives Program: Bringing Together Resources to Scale

Individuals living in Vancouver care homes currently have few opportunities for one-on-one leisure time with staff, due to logistical limitations of staff-to-resident ratios within these homes. Recent reports have shown that individuals living in care homes would benefit from more opportunities to engage in meaningful activities.

The Perspectives Program has proven over the course of 5 semesters to be a meaningful and educational experience for both residents of long term care homes and design students alike. In an effort to scale this program to care homes locally and globally HDL is self publishing a How-to-Guide which will support Professors globally in running similar collaborations with long term care homes and their own creative courses. 

The How-to-guide is currently being reviewed in the UK, Portugal, India, and here in Canada with the intention of getting feedback from other Academics, understanding other academic and health systems.

Project Leads: Jon Hannan, Caylee Raber, Lisa Boulton

Design + Research Assistants: Megan Chen, Ryan Smith

Project Coordinator: Nadia Beyzaei

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