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Shifting the Culture of Care in Long-term Care Homes

Care homes are gaining attention as the population in Canada begins to age and care demands increase. These homes are known to provide 24-hour professional supervision and care in a protective, supportive environment for people who have complex care needs and can no longer be cared for in their own homes or in an assisted living residence. Currently, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) is working on an initiative to not only provide a safe and protected environment for residents but make their spaces feel like home by shifting towards a person-centred social model of care.

VCH is working in collaboration with the Health Design Lab to support this initiative by working through a human-centred design approach. Through Phase 1 of the collaboration, a series of workshops were held to identify key themes, barriers and opportunities to create a shift in the culture of care. While this work was insightful, it was focused on the involvement of the Residential Care Practice Team and the Directors of Care.

In the next part of the project, engagement with residents and their families was put to the forefront, working with them through a series of participatory design workshops to begin to understand their perspectives on care and, their needs and priorities for improvement of their care experience.

Project Leads: Caylee Raber

Design + Research Assistants: Jean Chisholm, Nandita Ratan, Amelia Koster, Amanda Ko, Laura Escueta & Srushti Kulkarni.

Project Coordinator: Nadia Beyzaei

Partner: Vancouver Coastal Health

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